A Typical Day

We have a wide range of activities but each day's programme changes to reflect children’s current interests. We have a daily programme that follows a regular pattern:
  • 8:30amChildren Arrive & Hang Up Their Bags

    Self Choice Programme for indoor and outdoor play. Children choose their own activity from the wide range available. A rich core curriculum is provided at all times. This is supplemented by activities and experiences planned around a particular focus based on the observed interests of children.
  • 9:50amTidy Up Time

    Encourages children to take personal responsibility, ownership and develop social skills.
  • 10:00amMat Time

    All children come together for mat-time. This provides opportunities for children to develop:
    - literacy and numeracy skills
    - a capacity to listen and maintain concentration
    - confidence to express themselves to a large group
    - contribute to group discussion
    - waiata, song and dance
    - understanding concepts of print
    - enjoyment of books, stories and music.
  • 10:30amMorning Tea

    Good hygiene practices are developed. Children develop independence and self help skills and develop communication and social skills while they are eating in small groups.
  • 10:45amSelf Choice Programme for indoor and outdoor play.

  • 11:50amTidy Up Time

  • 12:00pmKarakia

  • 12:05amLunch

    As with morning tea, children eat their lunch in the covered kai courtyard around tables of five or six children. Good social and eating habits are encouraged.
  • 12:30pmHome Time

    Afternoon Session (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or Extension Programme (Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Extension Session

    This programme is designed to extend our 4 year old children and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning. Working in smaller groups allows more in-depth exchange of ideas on a wide range of activities and learning areas.